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Klondike Solitaire

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Klondike Solitaire is a game that requires you to think strategically. To win, you need to think about the best way to move the cards on the table in descending order with the help of alternative colors. Can you finish this solitaire game, using all your skills, or will it be too much for you? The rules are simple: to sort cards by suit, and once all the cards are sorted, you win! But you have only one limit: only a king can be placed on a vacant place. Try to handle the solitaire with lowest number of moves! If you put all the cards on the table into four decks, you will receive the crown of the winner, but if you get into a dead end, you can use a hint. The interface of the playing field is quite pleasant to look at, user friendly and easy to use. The only thing that will be a great obstacle to thinking process is time limit: only 3 minutes. Basic cards are aces. Freeing aces in the process of shifting are transferred to the upper row. Shifting is  allowed to free card of each vertical row and to the reserved cards. Game cards can be shifted across the lines in descending order, alternating red and black. Reserved cards can be moved both on basic cards places and on the corresponding slots (free) card series. If necessary, allowed to use the cards already stacked in the row of aces - the top card of this series can be put on the top cards of headscarves, but not of a reserve. This version of Solitaire contains a lot of options and modes, you can also completely change the look to your "Solitaire", not like anyone`s else. Play and enjoy! Compete with others, put your personal bests. Very interesting game that will give you a lot of pleasant emotions.

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